SEE Eternity Advance

See Eternity Advance.

The whole purpose of SEA is to make ripples in the business world, a new business with a deeper meaning than just generating a profit. This is why over 50% of all of our profits go to SFC. We purposely chose the name SEA, because it stands out. SEA, is named after the sea, representing how we help people overseas. Waves of money are dispersed like rain to different areas of the world from sea to shining sea. SEA splashes it’s love by donating so much of its profits to Sheaves For Christ. The SEA Luxury Company is not a luxury only due to the value of the product, but rather the value each product adds to the kingdom of God. By pouring into SEA products, you storm out a message to the world. The real treasure under the SEA Luxury Company is the treasure that is invested in Heaven. We’re much more than a brand; we’re a cause


So there’s the vision, can you SEA it?


Amonie Akens

CEO and Founder >

Elijah Wilson

COO and Founder >

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